Southern Tier Fusion Network

A network of individually owned repeaters to allow communication between previously isolated areas.

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February 14, 2024 (8:00 PM - 9:00 PM)

Summary of [Connection Entry Points]( to the [Southern Tier System Fusion Network]( When using these repeaters, do not use or concern yourself with Wires-X. Simply access the repeater in Digital Voice Narrow (DN) mode as these repeaters are already linked. Click here to ["Listen In on Broadcastify"](  The Creek County ARES Group of Oklahoma hosts a weekly C4FM/Fusion/Wires-X net every Wednesday evening. The intent of this net is to exercise and become more familiar with Fusion and it's capabilities as well as discussing topics and situations as they arise pertaining to ARES Organizations and activities.  We look to share experiences and ideas on the day to day operations of an ARES group.  From ideas on Simulated Emergency Tests, Fox Hunts to Field Day operations.  We currently connect to the ARES groups from Chemung County, NY., Bradford County, PA. and others. Our local repeater in Sapulpa Oklahoma hosts the CCAO (Creek County ARES OK.) Room #65539.  We alternate weekly with the Southern Tier System Fusion Room #21424, which is the room our ARES partners from the Southern Tier of New York area use as their home system. We would like to grow the group on Wednesday evenings to include other ARES organizations from around the region and even the country.  Collaboration like this can be good for everyone.  So we invite you to join us.  For an accurate schedule please go to the [Creek County Amateur Radio Emergency Services Facebook Page]( or [email me](  73, Mike Toole [KI5EGH]( 


Southern Tier Fusion Network, Wires-X Room 21424
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